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About us

The JL Clinic is a non-state medical facility based in Prague 5 that operates a number of outpatient specialties and has contracts with all Czech health insurance companies. The department with the longest history at the clinic is undoubtedly the ophthalmology department, which was founded by MUDr. Jan Lešták, CSc already in 1995. Our clinic currently produces the most professional publications, and as the only outpatient private facility in the Czech Republic, it is authorized to use the designation clinic (FBMI Clinic of Czech Technical University).

The eye department was founded on March 1, 1995 in the Lípa Centre Polyclinic. Since its first months of existence, the workplace provided relatively extensive and high-quality services (in addition to general ophthalmology, static perimetry, examination of electrical changes in eye voltage and visual centers in the brain, contrast sensitivity test, daily intraocular pressure curve, minor extraocular and intraocular operations). Since January 1997, the range of procedures had expanded to include outpatient cataract surgery. The department thus became the first eye department in the Czech Republic to perform intraocular operations of the anterior segment of the eye on an outpatient basis. In October 1997 doc. MUDr Šárka Pitrová, CSc., FEBO, upon her arrival, expanded the number of doctors in the department and, thanks to her top erudition and more than 20 years of experience in performing operations on the anterior segment of the eye, significantly helped to expand the spectrum of performed operations and increase their high quality. Since November 2001, the JL Eye Clinic has been housed in its own modern premises of the multi-functional JL Clinic building in Prague 13.

The clinic ranks among the leading ophthalmic workplaces in the Czech Republic due to its professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment. The workplace achieved exceptionality in the complexity of the services provided. Consultation services are also used by eye clinics of faculty hospitals. Patients come not only from all over the Czech Republic but also from abroad to undergo procedures (mainly cataract surgery). One of the significant steps in the activity of our workplace was the granting of Accreditation for training in pre-certification preparation by the Ministry of Health.

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